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I just looked on the group home page for this site and it says the last activity in Dramady was Aug. 28.  What is going on? 

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i don't think thats correct cresty cause if you look at the posts some of us have been here yesterday and the day before that too.. i know i been a bit absent lately but thats because my computer is givin me problems.. but i still have this old clunker that won't die .. its slow as shit .. but its reliable .. i'm gettin more like that everyday too .. but yeah i noticed that from time to time too and the time stamp for this group has always been a bit skewed . why ?? i dunno .. maybe they don't wanna make us look as busy as we are so nobody else joins..cause after all they wouldn't want everybody else to join here too .. they might enjoy it too much maybe ?? ehh.. just kiddin .. i don't think anybody is really watchin that clock anyway ..    

I believe they are talking about our 'members' sexual activity.

These sites can sometimes be quite intrusive.

The August 28 date is the last time someone commented on dramady without first clicking on the group. It is one of the strange quirks of Ning. As you can see if you click on the group first it gives a more current date.

Uno, if that what the date means, it would be almost accurate, if I remember correctly.

Well, I'm glad we have been ghost writing since then. I thought maybe I died but refused to acknowledge itand then Haley Joel Osmond would see me.

I would approve of Sex talk or something close . I have learned to stay away from Political talk (just plain upsets some people and they get nasty) maybe Religion i don't know . There are a few things i would like to ask but kinda hesitant to ask .




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