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A place for us to discuss the issues and problems of the particular projects we are currently working on. A place to exchange ideas and advice about these projects.

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Grace Unto Yoo And Peace,
Ms WS,

"My headaches so much it feels if it has changed to stone!'

Except that the rest of the block might have had some imperfections which made any more work on it problematical?

Agape, kiitos, shalom, xie xie, salaam, ja namaste,

Don as "Tauno"
My mission is to clean up the UFOs around my house, and so far I've finished two pairs of socks, a baby blanket, and an adult sweater. Now I'm working on an afghan that's been on the needles for at least four years. Still waiting is an embroidered tablecloth that has been half-finished for at least eight years. And somewhere in the house I have a baby sweater with hand-spun cormo on the needles.

Sometimes, though, I just have to spin - so on one wheel I have some fantastically beautiful Polwarth, and on the other some blue-faced Leicester. And there's the real challenge... finishing up those UFOs when the fiber is calling my name.
Me too - trying to finish some stuff up ! Tere are so many unfinished projects (I don't dare spin right now! - Although I just love Polwarth or Coopworth - my favorite sheep to spin (Also love alpaca!)
Polwarth... YUMMY... have you spun anything from Rovings? I've been digging out my various little samples of wool, collected at this or that class, and spinning those on a drop spindle. I have a wonderful pumpkin-colored something right now, and I don't know what kind of wool it is. Wish I did, because it spins like a dream.

I found documentation that my afghan has only been on the needles for not quite three years... so I can put it back down again, right? I can spend my time spinning, right? Right?

Who's rationalizing?
Hmm, how far have you gotten on that afghan? Three years is when I usually rip it out and use the yarn for something else!
It's probably about three-quarters done. I am diligently putting rows on it every night.

But hey look.... fiber! And an empty drop spindle!
So how many nights to go? I've got a lace shawl on tiny needles 100 more rows to go -I can handle about a row and a half a day! I'll race you!

LOVE this shawl, WS! I didn't know you did lace.
Well it is a bit bigger now (Here is another shot - but it hasn't been pinned out so you can't really see the pattern. I'm roughly half finished with the pattern (1/3 of the way done with the knitting) Next time I guess I should pin it out - but it's getting big so that is a lot of work! (grin!)

Oh, how much do I love lace...? This is the catnip of knitting for me, the stuff I can't resist. I so want to start a lace shawl, but I'm putting it off until I get some of the UFOs done. I'm probably within about 40 rows of finishing the afghan. And then, all bets are off.
Well get to it, Katherine! I've done two more rows today! (grin!)
Four rows last night!! The good news is that I spread the thing out, and once I get close to the end of this skein, I'm done. I'll be glad to have it finished because it takes up some serious real estate on my sofa.

Knitpicks just sent me an email on their lace sampler. I WANT IT.




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