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What's the most beautiful place near where you live?

Whats the most beautiful place you've ever seen?

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Same answer to both questions: a small town on the coast about 5 hours away from here; just beautiful with its tall redwood trees and ocean views. (Only the wealthy can afford to live there but fun to visit.)

Near me it would be: Gilliam Lake Lookout & Iron Mountain Scenic Drive 

Ever Been:  I've been to almost every state plus Canada & Mexico, been to both coastlines and Gulf of Mexico and Great Lakes & National Parks so it would be impossible to pick just one. 

Just the next town down the road.


Hummm this is it, I hope.

Wow, thanks for posting that link; his work is beautiful!

I love it too. You can tell he loves where he lives.

Wow Patty that's really cool

Caleb is quite a talented young man.

It's a toss-up between the scenic drive in the nearby Blue Ridge Mtns.....and the (once) beautiful capital of this country.

Absolutely... Glacier N. P., just 35 miles up the road. Most beautiful...too many to name one, but Glacier is right up there.

Charleston South Carolina.  Down by the water, bit southern colonials sit across from the water.  It's stunning.  




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