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When I opened my email this afternoon, I found the one from the Long Island Dressage and Combined Training Association, of which I'm a member, announcing the results of the Year End Awards. Much to my surprise and delight I won in 2 categories...once for the Stanhope Stable series (3 dressage shows last year) and one ad Adult Amateur for Training Level. I came in fourth but I'll take it! I didn't think that I really had a chance when I sent in the application. Yippee! Ophelia and I scored again! 

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Congrats are in order :0)


Taking the "chance" you mentioned in an earlier discussion certainly paid off, Carol!

Congratulations to both of you!

Still haven't gotten my awards and was dismayed to hear from one of my fellow recipients that the informal ceremony was held last saturday! I fired off an email to complain about the lack of notice and received another in reply saying that notice was emailed out. In total 4 of us didn't receive that notice but the association insists that it was sent and opened by us. I'm skeptical but I still want my awards! Don't know how I'll ge them yet.




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