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After not cantering for several weeks due to the overcrowding in the indoor, I was able to do so today and on Ophelia who I haven't ridden in about 6 weeks! I had to work hard to keep her cantering especially when we added the ground pole! Afterward I noticed that  both of us had worked up a sweat which is a good thing. The temperature by that time was about 50 degrees but still raining.

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OH, I commiserate with you, Carol, about tired legs!!!! :>)

I remember the first time I rode every day for several hours. I was 13 and had gone to a riding "camp" in Maine for the summer. That's where I began competing and really got totally immersed in the horse culture.

Anyway, the first day, we rode in 5 one-hour lessons (not to mention being up at 4am to feed and muck 75 stalls). We were lodged over one of the stables in what had been the hay loft. When I tried to walk up the long stairway, I was so sore I couldn't lift my legs! HAHAHAHAHA! I literally had to pick up each leg in turn and put it on the step, then PULL myself up by the handrail.


Cheers on the canter, Carol! Tiring though it was, I know it felt good!

I've toyed many times with the thought of going to a riding camp (they do have them for adults) but it's been the apprehension about spending more than 2 hours a day on lesson that holds me back. You've just confirmed what I suspected...I might not be able to walk after the first day! I was pleased with the canter and being able to do the pole even after 4 tries, made me feel good about my skill.

You should go to a camp!!!! It's a great experience, regardless of the pain--HAHAHAHA!




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