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It looks like Ophelia and I will not be working as a team this season which makes  me a bit sad. She'll be working with someonelse. So I'm negotiating for Nathan who I've ridden before but not competed with. Nathan used to be an eventing horse and so knows something about dressage. Have to wait and see how things work out. 

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Sorry about the "breakup," Carol. I know that it can be disruptive when you've developed a rapport with your mount and then have to move on.

Hopefully, you and Nathan will get fairly quickly to that place of mutual trust and collaboration that you had with Ophelia.

So for the next month Nathan and I are working together. I'll have to talk to the owner about May as I'll be gone for most of the month. My dressage saddle is not fitted to him but I think that we can make it work with the right pad(s). When I  last rode him, it was in my Steuben and he was okay with it.




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