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Anything about the holidays...images, remembrances, experiences. What's more beautiful than horses and snow?

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Happy Halloween!

Hi Angharad....looking at your post I think that, besides being kind of whimsical, that horse is really patient for her to allow the costume and to hold the position long enough for the photo to be taken.   

I agree. But we both know how much those darlings will do for us. :>) I don't think the unicorn horn is too uncomfortable, probably.


Good morning Angharad.....I tried to download the 6 photos that I took last sunday when I went out to the barn but it wouldn't work. The ring looks really Christmasy with some of the usual wreaths, bows, mock gift boxes, Santa and the Grinch and his little dog also named Max. I visited briefly with Maxx with banana in hand but his mate Alfie was more interested in me even without the banana. Tomorrow is the awards dinner for the 2 schooling series that ran this year and I along with Terri and 2 other fellow riders are going. I think it's the novelty of  the event that has us participating because we haven't in the past. 

how cute!  Is the one on the left an Italian donkey? He/she has such a long coat

Hmmmm, I don't know! ツ

Merry Christmas!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Easter, All!

how cute! I'm sure this "bunny" could hop over with Easter wishes!





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