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Anything about the holidays...images, remembrances, experiences. What's more beautiful than horses and snow?

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Nice! Those Clydesdales always great! Did you see their commercial where the yearlings fling snowballs at the older guys? Soooo typical and funny!    

Yup, I did see it. Funny and endearing. I really love the Budweiser commercials because of the Clydesdales and other animals. I don't drink beer, so that's some pretty smart advertising! 

We used to care for the Budweiser Clydesdale at the Potomac Horse Center whenever they were in the DC area. What magnificent horses up close! It was a good thing we had big stalls for the Hanoverians and Oldenburgs and other warmbloods at PHC--the Clydesdales were all 18 hands or over and would have been miserable in normal 12'X12' stalls. I ADORED feeding and grooming them, although that was usually done by dedicated grooms who traveled with them. 

Did you ever see the training videos for those commercials? Interesting but it just goes to show that they are just as smart to grasp what's being asked of them. That's why in Vienna I only got tickets for the training session and I was not disappointed.

LOL! Los tres reyes mini!

Hahaha! Perfect!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy 4th!

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you also Angharad!




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