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So this week we were taking a look at Nathan's tack to see what needs to be replaced in accordance with USDF regs. Wednesday we were checking the fit of my saddle since it is fitted to Ophelia. It turns out that it's a pretty good fit and needs only the addition of a fleeceworks pad which I have at home. The inserts need to be taken out though. His bridle is brown with braided reins...this won't work but I remember that one of my horsey friends had lent me a spare bridle 2 years ago when I rode Pepsi. Nathan's bit is illegal by USDF standards and so we need to find a different bit that USDF allows and then we need to talk it over with the owner.  It was 58 degress when we rode outside on lesson today and the ring was a bit dusty as there was a bit of a breeze. I worked on encouraging Nathan to stay on the bit and he seems to like it when my hands are resting on his withers. We preacticed test A and didn't do too badly but encouraging him to stay round at the halt and salute will take some practice. I think we are off to a good start. 

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Good to hear it, Carol!




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