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Here I am with my trainer on camel back!

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Pretty darned cool, Carol!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I've been under the weather and not online much for a while. I've got to go read your other post to see how the riding has been going...

Sorry to hear that. I've been a bit  busy though. I'm trying to make arrangements for my jump saddle to be fitted to Max. It's too wide in the withers to use as it stands now. Hope you're back in your groove soon, 

Update on this season's progress. The last show was on August 20th and while we didn't score as well as the first show we did improve slightly on our scores over last year which was what I wanted to do.  Test B was a 60.938%; Test C was a 65.00% and Training 1 was a 64.348%. Hind sight is generally better than foresight and so my trainer realized that we needed to concentrate first on being forward rather than on the bit and flexed. It was in Training 1 where Max came alive and moved forward without prodding that we realized this. Plus when he is forward, he generally moves onto the bit with little effort. Again Max earned the Ma Hoss award for a school horse competing at Training level. I gave the first one to the stable owner but I'm keeping this one.

Now we are working on preparation for Training 2 & 3 but I'm watching "Heartland" on DVD. Have you watched it?

Hope you are well and had a pleasant summer.  For the past month I've been seeing a chiropractor for back issues and it seems to be going well. Ciao  

Sorry for being so long in replying. The last few months haven't been the best.

Congratulations on moving forward with Max! Perfection is more or less a red herring, but progress is a real attainable goal--at least that's how I see it. When I would get frustrated with myself for making what I perceived to be slow progress, I would always think of Richard Weis' statement that dressage is a real challenge because it's about putting one crooked body on top of another crooked body and then attempting to make them both straight. :>) 

I'm glad you kept that second Ma Hoss award! You must have an impressive wall of trophies/awards by now.

No, I hadn't seen "Heartland." I just looked it up and saw that it has a horse-y component, so I may take a peek at it.

Are you continuing to have a good result with your chiropractor? I hope so--back troubles are a bitch.

I hope you have lots of enjoyable things planned for the holidays. Although I'm pretty much alone now, it's still my favorite time of year. Hey--I'm one of those nuts who loves the cold.

I hope to check back here more frequently. See ya, Carol.

Hi Angharad

Nice to hear from you even if you've had a rough time lately.

I lied in the previous message! On a whim, I competed in a schooling show at my barn for jumpers. Since I hadn't jumped anything ins quite a while, I started in September practicing with the one xrail that will be required in the Beginner division.  The day was cool and my division wasn't till 1PM but since I was unable  to get my jump saddle fitted to Maxx, I used all my dressage tack but wore my jump apparel. The class was 4 riders...all adults. Maxx and I won 4th in W/T, third in W/T/Canter and were tied for third place in W/T/C/xrail.  Not too bad!

Not bad at all!

 hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are having an equally good Christmas, Carol!




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