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HOUSTON (Houston Chronicle) – Saint Arnold Brewing Company held the grand opening of its new plant Saturday, bringing a brewery into downtown Houston at 2000 Lyons Ave.

Company founder Brock Wagner has spent $7.5 million on renovations following the purchase of the 95-year-old Houston ISD food distribution warehouse to fit the needs of a modern brewery.

Wagner added a brewhouse with room for three 240-barrel fermenting tanks and the collection of 60- and 120-barrel tanks that will move from the company’s old location outside the 610 Loop.

The new plant can produce 100,000 barrels of beer annually — four times the production limit of its old location.

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Remodeling new Bldg.

Old bldg new equipment
How delightful and what wonderful news, At least I can rest now knowing that you, Pru and all the other good Texans can have plenty of beer! lol
Thank you Tina.




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