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Everyone has seen at least one business or product with a name that brings out a smile - or a gasp! Some are purposely funny and punny, others are inadvertently so. 


Bring us your favorites! 



Easy to see what's going on here.




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I think I'll mosey over to the FAIL Thread & post this there, too....
Hee hee hee!
hahaha - love it, SandraDee! "-D

A man from my home town of Greenville, PA started an auto wrecking business (junkyard) many years ago. His sons now operate 2 auto wrecking businesses. Their last name is Crash. Frank Crash Auto Wrecking. It used to be simply Crash Auto Wrecking.
Perfect! Profession-appropriate names could be a whole 'nother thread, too.

Convenience store.

OK, nothing wrong as long as you speak slowly and with proper diction, but try saying Sofa King three times real fast.

This is like a huge shaggy dog story. Did someone open a whole store just so he could say that?




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