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Can you grill it?

Just got to wondering.....

                                      What's the deal with grilling being  the guy's job?

Some men I know can't cook water and yet they are expected to go and grill the steak?   What's with that?  Is there some secret class you fellas take?  

Also...what's with carving the turkey?  I'm sure you guys will fill me in...

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Socks on the floor.  What, are they going to snake their way to the basket by themselves at night ? 

 I once found 8pr underwear under the bed on his side...(not his ^).. the "ex" his.

I like your logic.
Try making an accurate 45 degree cut without the proper tool.....just try!!!
No comment on the big hands thingy, but I am a firm believer that a man, or woman, can't have too many tools. I have just basics here in FL, 10 or so screwdivers, a scew gun, 4 or 5 hammers, multiple pliars including 10 inch adjustable ones, some wrenches, sockets, files, scrapers, etc, but nothing compared to what I have in OH. I have a 2 piece Craftsman toolbox that is so loaded, that the casters were so overloaded that the bottom of the toolbox couldn't take the weight. I had to reinforce the bottom of the box with 2X6's, and then attach new casters to the wood. If you only need one tool, for one job, it will almost always pay for itself.

The "basics" hahahahaha

You don't want to know about my tools.

That's where your wrong.

Are we talking about the same thing?



In a bin under my sink, I have:


One hammer

One screwdriver with 6 removable tips.

One mini screwdriver with 6 removable tips.

One Phillips head screwdriver [why is it called that?]

Some tool that came with my Adirondack chairs.

A pair of pliers.

Some nails.

Is a putty knife a tool?


I am really really good at a lot of things...fixing stuff is not one of those things. All past attempts have failed rather miserably. Thank goodness for friends and family.



I bet that was an Allen wrench that came with your Adirondack chairs. We usually include one with do it yourself furniture. Some people call them hex wrenches but we in the family use the real name.


Why do screws have different types of heads?

I wasn't thinking about cooking tools.

I have many of those.

Perhaps I understand better now...

Sometimes a man needs to use noisy power tools to get some peace and quiet.
I love it when Quinn talks about men's tools and doors left open.




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