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Frankly, what's the point? Sure, he said he'd be back. But that was before the 6 million dead Jews, The Inquisition, the pedophilia in the Catholic Church and the host of other things humanity has done that I'm not certain he ever dreamed we were capable of doing. I'm certain he's saying...."Uhmmm...No thanks."

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For all we know, He already did.  
Several times.

I agree Baia, and here is proof.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

I think you may have missed something when you read the Bible.  The hatred and inequities you refer to are the reason he is returning.  Try reading Luke 21:10-28.

I realize you are being tongue-in-cheek, but there are still a few of us who believe that Jesus knows exactly what he's doing.  I think that people should take responsibility for their actions, but Jesus is aware that our race is flawed and ignorant...he took a pretty heavy blow to protect us from our own stupidity once and I think he'd do it again, but I also think there are going to be some heavy repercussions.  I guess we won't really know until he gets here.

He may not come during my lifetime, but it never hurts to keep the guestroom tidy.

The 6 million Jews while he apparently set idly by is proof enough for me. And I'm not Jewish. It's just an enormous group of people to wait on in terms of intervention. I'm not belittling the efforts of those who cling to hope, but anyone who has witnessed the worst knows that the opportunity was there and the decision was made to simply
wait.... For what? 10 million dead chosen people?

Jesus thought we would stay in our tree and behave ourselves.

Then here came Eve and she led us all astray.


From an analytical perspective....

1. Dissecting the meaning in the name Jesus Christ

    Jesus = savior   Christ= derived from Sanskrit = light between atoms

2. savior= someone who helps others escape punishment (self inflicted or otherwise) or grave danger

    Christ= Jesus says, "I am the light of the world."  (light between atoms in every particle of matter)


My disambiguation:

      From a scientific perspective, if you split light (white light) into its component parts (through use of a prism) you will get the spectrum of the rainbow- all color shades from dark to light. I see this refraction of light as metaphoric of the spectrum of the human condition from evil to goodness. You cannot understand goodness unless it is applied in the context of evil and vice versa. Also, our whole universe is comprised of matter which in turn is defined by energies of light and darkness. This view fits in very well into the concept of omniscience and God.

      From a spiritual perspective (one's connection to self, others, and the universe), the Being of Jesus resonates well with me because He is an embodiment of what is light, what is good, and what is loving in my perception of the Universe. Bare in mind ..."our entire universe is made up of consciousness, we never really experience the universe directly we just experience our consciousness of the universe, our perception of it, so right, our only universe is perception." --Alan Moore


      I am offering just my understanding of Jesus Christ. Since other people experience the world differently, they may have their own understanding of Him. It is sad though to see Jesus as a scapegoat for the ills of the world when the ones to be blamed are ourselves. We were all given free will to shape our destiny, but unfortunately this world is full of those with bad craftsmanship....LoL


     Jesus loves you.......


Alan More's rather simplistic views reminds me of the Greek philosopher who stated that if an arrow were coming towards you it would never hit you because in order to reach you it would first have to travel half the distance to reach you. Mathematically, there are an infinite number of half points, meaning the arrow would never reach its destination. But the plain facts are that a well placed shot will take you out, mathematics notwithstanding. The perception will be one of pain. Real pain. You'll feel the consciousness of it. Trust me. That's not perception. That's reality.

Most who followed him thought he'd return during their lifetimes when he offed in a cloud. That was apparently naive. Add to that the approximately 230,000 people who died in the tsunami of 2004, many of them children. If you want to blame all of this on the evil of mankind, I'm not here to debate that. It's obvious. What is less obvious is that after 2000 years, we're still standing at the station for a train that isn't coming, at least based on the idea that God is fed up enough to actually step in and finally do something about it. Unlikely, given the opportunities. He risks irrelevance by the end of this century as other religions fill the void, one in which Christ will be little more than a teacher of things we all pretty much already knew. What we didn't know was that he would extend his stay in the cosmos and wait for far more horrible things. Personally, there's been enough evil to warrant some action.

For us humans, perception=our reality.

The ends of our 5 human senses may not be there is to experience.

This video should clarify it further for you.

Also, if people are still standing at the station waiting for the Jesus train to arrive,

perhaps they are at the wrong station. Every act of forgiveness, grace, charity, and

expression of love are manifestations of the Jesus Spirit. I am not waiting for HIM.

He is here within me and around me. He is the faces of my students who society

deem as unworthy by virtue of their tough environment, actions, handicaps, and

questionable lifestyles. I am not a Christian waiting for a Savior to arrive in a cloud

or to work for my entrance into heaven. My Savior has arrived and the opportunities

He has provided me to touch lives and make a difference in the world validate my

existence. If there was no existence beyond the physical body, that would be fine

with me. My life was well lived. Yet, I do know through experience that something

of us survives death. The spiritual into physical manifestations are something I've

experienced since childhood. My childhood was a happy one.

Religion is a call to action. Jesus Christ did not create the religion Christianity.

We did. it is our choice weather to follow His footsteps or others in expressing our

religion. My religion is Christianity because it is a faith based on love and forgiveness

even though a vast majority of Christians may express it differently. That is their

business. My religion shapes my thinking and values, but it does not define who I am,

a unique being able to make choices that shape my destiny and influence lives in a

positive way. I am also an agent of Christ because I choose to answer His calling.

Nicely said. I forgot to mention I have a masters degree from a seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. I don't disagree with your point of view. The attempt to take a scientific slant via the video is really an attempt to offer some type of concrete evidence in a field that is beyond sciience. It cheapens the spiritual content of faith which is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. If someone needs proof, via a video or any other material reality, then faith would not be necessary. I never mentioned that I was not a believer. I'm also pointing out that I don't need material proof of the reality of my faith. The question from the outset really is the timeframe associated with his return given the pure, unadulterated, evil of mankind, the length of time it's been going on, and the quizzical nature of the lack of intervention on the part of Christ given the horrors we have witnessed for millennia now. It's clear that humanity will not be able to pull itself out from the inevitability of its own destruction. So again, why the wait? Incidentally, you may believe that Christ is all around, but the scriptures clearly state that upon his departure he stated he would send another comforter in his place. That entity is commonly referred to as the Holy Spirit. Probably not a scientific YouTube video available on that one. If you're into angels, then you get to take some comfort that they were sent to be given charge over you. Small comfort to those who died under the most horrible of circumstances. Like one of the options in the things to be said in one's profile..."It's complicated."

I tend to include the video when I argue my point because it gives me a reference point to start from when I am arguing with people who cannot look beyond material reality. You don't know how many long winding arguments I've had with non believers or agnostics since I joined TBD 3 yrs ago. The bottom line is for some people taking a leap of faith into the unknown is easy while for others it is a Herculean feat.

About people who die in the most horrible circumstances....life's path is littered with road kills. It is not by divine intervention nor a warped sense of divine justice that people, animals, plants, and other living organism become casualties of violence caused by nature or man. That's just the way the wind blows....no rhyme no reason until we give it one.

The Holocaust was a collective act of evil both by the perpetrators and those who stood back and let it happen. There have been worse acts of brutality in history and with nuclear power at our disposal, the possibility of greater acts of inhumanity is quite feasible. It's our job to learn from history. If humanity self destructs, then it was meant to be. We've wrecked more havoc on nature than every other species in our blue planet combined. It is only our hubris that demand our species' immortality, but in looking at the wider picture, we are but specks of cosmic dust in an endless universe. Our perceived purpose existence lies solely in the appeasement of our ego, one that wants to leave its mark long after it has faded into dust.

Here's food for thought:

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