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The short version. IMO they leed a army (Tea Party) of frightened angry people who feel powerless and base their political beliefs on emotions much more often than facts.

It feels good to be the king of anything.

I'm not sure it's emotion...  

1.  Even though ~80% polled said shutting down the government was a bad thing, these tea-people are still claiming  everybody agrees with the shut-down.

2.  Even thought the employment numbers released yesterday prove permanent job employment is on the rise and replacing the part-time job scenario seen after the 2007 Great Recession, they all are still claiming Obamacare is replacing full time jobs with part-time jobs -- despite the fact that just the opposite is the fact.

3.  Despite the fact that a majority are for a universal healthcare type healthcare system like almost every other country has, they still claim the country is opposed to it.

4.  Despite the fact that costs for Obamacare is lower than old healthcare policies, people like Hannity are deliberately having people lie about "their" experience with Obamacare -- when in fact they didn't even apply.  

5.  The same about "companies" who are letting people go because of Obamacare.  Fact-Check found out these people actually did no such thing.

You get the idea.  These tea-people are obsessed and they are compulsive.  This is mental illness, not an emotion.

I understand the frustration of of trying to talk with a drunk alcoholic abuot alcoholism, or speak logically with someone who is illogicial. It is a utter waste of time, the person wil reject Any amount of solid evidence reputeing their beliefs and leaves yuo feeling like burning down a house.

  Delusions are irrational beliefs, held with a high level of conviction, that are highly resistant to change even when the delusional person is exposed to forms of proof that contradict the belief.

You are much more kind than I am, I do not think they are ill unless selfishness and ignorance are now categorized as diseases. I spoke with an elderly cousin of mine from North Carolina last week and he said that he has been a lifelong Republican but he will NEVER vote Republican again because of the Tea Party.  I thought that was encouraging.

hope springs eternal..

If 47% of them are not working, isn't it because the job market is so horses***?

LePage's figures are far off. In fact, Maine's Labor Force Participation rate was measured at 65.3 percent in August 2013, above the national average of 63.2 percent. The figure measures the number of working-age people who are either employed or searching for work. In March 2013, 15,729 families in the state were receiving TANF benefits, according to the Department of Health and Human Services -- far low... of Maine's estimated 551,601 households. (Based on those figures, it comes out to about one in 35.)




Unemployment Rate (seasonally adjusted)

  Aug 2013 Jul 2013 Aug 2012
Maine 7.0% 6.9% 7.3%
United States 7.3% 7.4% 8.1%

Latest News Release | Data Release Schedule

The article makes it easy to factcheck LePage's  lies ..if you take the time to reed it.




oh it's the same horses*** as alex jones claiming 100 million americans are on welfare....there are some folks who just have to believe in drama and tragedy and impending doom. usually they don't have a fricking CLUE what they are talking about and cite numbers that circulate in forwarded emails put out by the puppet clubs for growth and the american way or such.

as an interesting aside, there were three generations of buffetts on charlie rose. warren buffett says the answer to our problems is to bring in more revenue and invest for the future. as far as the debt ceiling?  we came out of WW2 with a national debt of 120 percent of gdp and had paid it down to 30 percent before the republican revolution...




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