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This is why they need a man around.
Also to take the garbage out.

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I bet u are sooooo glad none of these ladies know where u live--aren't u???


I'm hiding under the bed.
I was out the other night, and asked what kind of wine the place had. She said "You mean like what kind of brand, or what color, or what?" I said, "tell you what, just get me a jack and coke." Sometimes it depends on the night.
I order sex on the beach when I'm on the beach.
how about a white Prussian?
LOL. I cant count how many times Tom has said, "honey what should I...."? Its a wonder he can get to the bathroom without detailed instructions.
Wow, Guess I'm really in the dog house now.
I see the 22 year old me made it...where did I go wrong over the next 40 years?
DARROLL!!! You better hide better than that. Under the bed...Jeeesh!!! Come on girls, let's get him!!! lol
Darrol, just how long were you expecting to live? your life span was just shortened by a whole heap!!!!!!!
If u know where he lives, of course!




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