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Last night our children's choir performed at a rather large performance of The Nutcracker ballet, and I was one of the drivers. On the way home I took the wrong exit and didn't notice it for about 20 minutes - which meant that I had to turn around and spend another 20 minutes getting back to where I screwed up. Another mom was following me, so two whole van loads of kids got back REALLY late, on a school night. Pretty dumb. Your turn.

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LOL Don't ya hate that?

Let's see, when's the last time I did something really stupid?.....What time is it?
Wednesday night I put a pan of rice on the stove to cook, and came back 20 minutes later (after I'd forgotten about the rice) to find the kitchen full of smoke and a ruined Revere Ware pan. I have such a great husband - he just laughed.

I really liked that pan.
I have lots of kitchen ware that reminds me about past kitchen distractions. It gives them a lived-in look.
I went to the doctor's office last week. Lately I seem to go at least once a week. I forgot where I parked my car. I roomed the garage, on two not fully recovered knees. Continually pushing the alarm button to no avail. After at least 20 minutes I decided to try the next next level. I got off the elevator and pushed the button and there it was one row over. Next time I will remember the color of the level I parked on or take one of the little colored tabs they have there.
Oh god, I could fill a page. Lets just say I have done all the above. But I love to get off at the wrong exit. I have a GPS now, but---I don't think I will keep it. Too much fun.
November 4, 2008
What happened Q?
What was his name?
Hey no names, KA.
Ohhh--wait---I know that date in History! hehehehehe!!! Subtle there quinn!! Very--Very subtle!!
Did u get married that day--Quinn?
A couple of hours ago, I built a fire, or tried to. I forgot to place the paper underneath the wood ...... Presently I think that I am doing something stupid right now, but I probably won't know what it is til later ...




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