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I tend to go to the forum, also to my homepage to check for mail. There are usually 40-50 folks online, yet the forum discussions seem always to be the same...once again, I'm missing something. What's everyone doing on this website?

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Not much.
I normally check my inbox; read and answer pm's; then I'll venture into the chatroom before going off into the forums. I don't blog on a regular basis. The only time I really ever go into the blogosphere on TBD is when somebody has besmirched
my Lady's honour, and then it's time for a well-worded kick in the pants. Not that she doesn't do well on her own in that department. She's very adept at defending herself against the self-righteous, passive-aggressive bloggers who twist facts and details to fit their purpose and vilify those who call them out. It's my duty and honour to defend her and her honour.
I'm also going around TBD today leaving this in the hopes that some will have a laugh, too...!!!

I log on and run about with bandages after TSD to see what he has written and if he has embarrassed moi or insulted any one's delicate sensibilities ! /;-D Always ready to preform triage if required!
Hehehehe - he''s not been too naughty - I'm just older and hence more zen about most things, unless of course it''s anything to do with blatant propaganda, disinformation, fuzzy thinking, illogical rhetoric, arrogant political or religious grandstanding, snobbery, prejudice, intolerance, unwarranted or unjust censorship, name calling . . . and outright mean and or nasty manipulating people. Did I miss anything? /;-> BITE ME!
Amazed to see that we responded in October, 09, I keep coming back to answer...

I look for my friends, cyber or otherwise, to see what they have to say today and yesterday.

Ya gotta remember that friends can be sometimes be great fun and sometimes great dull. You just keep coming back because you love them.

I do.
Ad we LOVE you!




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