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I tend to go to the forum, also to my homepage to check for mail. There are usually 40-50 folks online, yet the forum discussions seem always to be the same...once again, I'm missing something. What's everyone doing on this website?

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Yes!!!! Someone please take over for all 57 of us!!! We are still not enough for this woman!!!!!
She means her dungeon don't ya know!"basement offices" my ass ! Oooops . . .
MM--are u planning on doing some 'business' with her?
See . . . I KNEW my tushie was in trouble!!! We Canadian women don't take prisoners . . . OUCH!!!
just farting around to take a break from work or working out.
Take a break from raking leaves, taking out trash, cleaning kitty litter box,
washing/waxing car, vacumning, doing the Total Gum, The Elliptical, paying bills,
working for a witch,
shoveling shit...
that is what we are doing , just taking a break and farting around.
I'm here for all the FUN and good friends like BethD. and many more.
I hear ya Red one!
Wayne Newton told me this was Fantasy Island and I could be the ambassador.
posting pictures.

Thank you Beth....too pretty for words...

I'm here for the simple reason...to improve my typing skills...(hasn't caught on yet...)
When I'm doing homework, which is most of the time, I pop in here now and then for a study break. It's kind of like you guys are all in the school library with me. So who brought the weed?
What kind of weed do you want? Dandilions? Crabgrass?? Broadleafs???




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