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A Republican has won the US Senate Seat in Massachusetts. What are your thoughts on this?

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I believe he turned over.
Lol, lar, First time a Repbulican has won a Senate Seat in Massachusetts since 1972. I think the people are angry.
I think that 52% of the people of Massachusetts will soon regret what they did. The rest did not do it.
the people are angry. Senator Kennedy is spinning.
The whole country is getting ready to throw out all of those tax and spend liberals.
Could this mean that Obama is a one term President?
I just think that we have a balance of republicans and democrats.
I noticed all of our leaders voted themselves a huge pay increase.
All of them have been spending money, making secret deals, building unnecessary things in their home districts. You only have two people to vote for, the dems. or the rep.
Maybe this will wake them up…. Or maybe they will never learn.
Our rep here built a brick fence to keep people from walking on the railroad tracks and getting hit by the train. The ones that want to get hit just walk to the next street. Thanks Ms Hooley.
Quote ....."Thats one heck of a howdy doo" ...(Anonymous Democratic strategist)

God bless us everyone .........
It's sad that the one Senator who spent most of his years in the Senate championing health care will now have his seat taken over by the person that will kill it.
He would think ...WTF, why didn't she read my book! Among other things, he writes about campaign strategy. Great book, very honest and revealing.
Afrom? What would you know about Massachusetts history other than how to spell it?

Oh, I forgot.




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