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What state are you in today? Why?



The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind. So, are you a New York or ______________?






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Am in  a perpetual state of wonderment.
Jaylee, is that anything like dazed and confused, cause if it is, we live in the same state.

Mostly, I have a smile on my face...sometimes I'm scratching my head....sometimes I want to put my foot through the screen...life in cyberworld. 

Real life...pretty much the same...:-)   States really have no borders...just boarders.

State of confusion, like always
You'd better move back to YoVille, then......you were always nicely grounded when in a fantasy world!  ;-0
Yo ho ho and I could never catch up to your level, Sir Stir Young
Hey, Wendel, You wandered home!
HAWAII, I'm taking a mini staycation from all the drama.

What drama?

Tell us...please? I'm up for a good story this morning while I wait for the Electrician.

Maybe just the drama in my head but probably the hurricane drama, that was 18 hours ago, sheesh if I remember! I have some pretty rude neighbors in the back and it's disturbing to hear the things they say, they're definately bullies. So I wear my Ipod shuffle and that really upsets them awwwwwwwwwww.
I'm in a state of flux and getting fluxsick. Lots of unexpected events in my life right now.
Maricel, I get exhausted just reading about your adventures and family. Brings back memories of when I had two boys on seperate soccor teams, I coached one and was a referee in the county league. I was working 40 miles away, in the DC area and taking night classes. My Mother lived 250 miles away and was experencing medical problems. Needless to say, I spent more time in the car than at home.




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