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You could always pray for an enlightenment
I have wondered about this all of my life and now you find the chart. Wonderful, I know exactly which way to set the compass now, gee thanks, How easy was all that!
I so refuse to follow this chart lol
I don't see Voodoo on the chart. What's up with that?
Church Of The Invisible Pink Unicorn - there must be an over sight since I don't see it listed with the other mainstream religions.
Quinn, you god damn heretic.
All are welcome to worship Her Holiness, The Pink Unicorn. We believe in One Unicorn, The Pink, The Invisible. Creator of Uncertainty, revealed to us in the She that Raptures Socks Forum. She will smite those that mock Her brethren.
Oh man , my cat's black and white ! I don't know what I am.....
P.S. I SHOULD be a lot of things , but that doesn't always work out .
If I become a Pastafarian does that mean I have to be a vegetarian?
I don't know Ubu I am trying to master the chart myself!

If I don't like, wear or have any use for underwear, Does this mean that I do not have to be either a JW or a Mormon? Whew (just kidding to any Mormons or JW, I love you all)
God doesn't even belong to that social club either. It's just a fun site.
The chart was quite helpful.
Earlier this week the AP reported that the "Church of Scientology" is having a problem with members defecting. I learned that the founder of the church in 1953, by the last name of Hubbard. was a writer of science fiction. It all makes sense now. lol




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