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And how do you feel about it now? Did you learn from it? Did you become different somehow? Would you do it again?

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Sandra and Maria, my heart goes out to both of you. I have no clue how traumatic the impact of something like this is on the mother. I don't claim to know what you have to deal with every day. But even as a guy, I know what I'd feel without my children.

You are both strong, smart and courageous women.

Going to my brothers funeral.
He was only 26.
Plus watching his babies that didn’t have a clue to what was going on.
Divorce. How do you feel about it now? Same. Did I learn from it? yes Did I become different somehow? yes Would you do it again? I would never want to go through that again.
You guys are all awesome to be able to share so openly. I think that being able to move on after deeply troubling times is one of the most important and empowering things we can do.
Telling my father I was leaving the family business. I don't think I changed because of this but it was very emotional for me. Yes, in similar circumstances I would do it again.
That is a beautiful share BAF, I can relate in that we children took care of our mother for the last 11 months of her life (lung cancer) I think it is a time of great inner strength and surely you must take comfort in the fact that you were/are so there for her and that you smiled with gratitude. My your heart continue to heal.
Having to learn a new career at age 49. It paid off. It carried me to retirement. I would certainly do it again.
I hope it somehow will come to be over for you Boomer, I am sorry for whatever negative things you have to deal with in life, your doing or not, I am still sorry for anyone's suffering or turmoil. As long as you are alive there is always hope and I am very glad that you did not choose to take your life Boomer.
I do hope something will change for the good.
The hardest thing I have ever had to do was to leave my marriage after 23 difficult years, I feel very good about it now, eight years later. I learned that I am alot more of a person than I ever believed that I was while with him. That I was worthy of life, love and happiness. I became different in that I learned to trust again, most importantly myself to be ok, to be alone. I learned also that I do not have to allow myself to be broken down and berated by another human being, that when I really try I can take a stand and fight for what is right.
Heck no, I would not marry (too late for me anyway on that one) And I would never go through that again, ever, not for anyone, anywhere or anytime. Great questions...
That is a deep and wonderful thing that you have come through AFB, I too am very, sincerely happy for you. It is a great burden when they give you a time limit, especially for those who love you, who care. They wait day in and day out. Very difficult.
I am again very happy that you were granted a second chance at living life, I hope all goes well for you every day of it. Tina
Thank you Anthony, for sharing in such a moving and honest manner a deeply private and terrible time in your life. We are all the better for it, and perhaps a bit wiser too.
You rock, Anthony. It is amazing how life and death situations put all the little BS in its place. I know that it is a very private thing to share, so thank you for sharing it with us.




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