TBD on Ning

.....are we supposed to call him now, Kevin or KD?

Mr Blake, that is.

On the TeeB, he was KD, now over here on the TeeB at the Ning, and on Facebook, hes become Kevin! Is he going upscale on us, or what?

I'm a traditionalist, I prefer KD.

What's your call? and "whatever he wants to be called" is not an acceptable answer!

Let the people speak!

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What? Who? Where am I ? Does anyone know who Kevin formerly know as the KD person is?
maybe he was lost
Does this place have a "Now I'm found" department?
The man has spoken.......Kevin
I'm miffed....KD had a bit of the mysterious 007 persona or perhaps shades of a pink panther shadow. One never new about KD it, he, she, whatever was unpredictable, preposterous even.

Now we have Kevin.....it's, it's, it's, so ah I don't know....suburban...?
Yep, KD went "Uptown" on us! And now he even knows how to YouTube! He's had the extreme makeover all right! LOL!
Reply by Quinn 18 minutes ago
I'm not calling anyone by name anymore. The last time I did, I called someone by their TBD name [old habits die hard] and got my hand spanked.

She wasn't a lil blue nun was she?? :-)
This whole name change thing has me all upset.....

That rips it....I'm leaving.......
Evil twin!
Ten whole minutes and no one cares if I leave.

Well hmf I'm staying. Yep I'm staying with my sack of M&M's (slowly shuffles to a corner chuckling to himself...)
LOL psst Maria M&M it's an M&M machine...
you guys have had wayyy to much fun while I was driving home from the office. What is this about Kevin went uptown with Stir and got stuck in an M&M machine. I am totally lost on this one. Where is Larry to interpet?




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