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Fromze, Fromzie, I called him? He used a raccoon picture and was mean as a hornet (though I rather admired that...)? Very well versed in science, too. Do you know or wonder the where abouts of former TBD members? JackieRodzinski, MotherSanity, TheInquiringEye (last incarnation)

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No, honey, thank you. It's not important. I just miss his scowling....
I liked Fromz.
Maybe he got lost in the shuffle.
I liked Fromzie, too, though he didnt like me very much! :(
And the Dodger...God Bless her sweet and gentle soul.
Dodger is still here!
Go look.
And that Aussie guy, Tony, who was a dentist. Another gentle soul.
keep in touch, dear!
Scarecrow was another outspoken guy.
He told it like it is.
He was a gentle, true human being.
I couldnt find him.
Kind of like me.
just like you, robbie...




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