TBD on Ning

We each could be mistaken for:

 Movie stars,

Rock stars,


Stock Market Gurus,

Calif. politicians,

Or maybe something more mundane.


Like we were all disliked by Sara?

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I thought everyone loved Sara Lee.
Some can't spell common and I wish Grumpy Old Bastard would come back. I heard Grumpy and Pru are hanging out together?
I think we all went to different schools together.
Hard tellin, not knowin. I'm just glad yous guys are still here. And you put up with me.

I think one thing we have in common is that we like TBD! 

It looks like a lot of us are readers, too.

George and I belong to and participate in a few other sites, but will continue to come to TBD.



I guess you guys are stuck with me because I don't have any friends in real life. LOL

I am looking forward to meeting some of you in person in Pittsburgh...after that who knows...I may be banned. 

They have put up with me for three meetings. You have met me. So you know the rest of the crowd must be wiling to put up with anything for a short period. (:>)

We're looking forward to seeing you again, Robbie!

We're looking forward to meeting you, too, Ruby Red!
I like to think we're all supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...
I like TBD because it allows me to continue in my delusion that some of you think that I'm smart and funny.




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