TBD on Ning

We each could be mistaken for:

 Movie stars,

Rock stars,


Stock Market Gurus,

Calif. politicians,

Or maybe something more mundane.


Like we were all disliked by Sara?

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...Like we were all disliked by Sara?



What do we have in common?

I think we're a smart, open-minded, curious group and, for the most, part we seem to share the same sense of humor.

I find you all to be interesting people.

Same here. We probably could use a little more controversy though. You know, to stir up the gene pool.

Yeah, I kinda miss Macon and Bates sometimes.

Although, if our pal Sara is here in disguise, your comment may provide some spark :-))

I think for the most part we are progressive politically. We are also much nicer than some people who used to be here, in my opinion.
Yup..  Plus most of us know how to spell...*just messing w/CWO*..:->

Glad you cleared that up!

I was certain you were talking about me and I took enough grief from Alla about my spelling!

Uhhh, Robbie....isn't there enough controversy in real life? Do we really need it here? I come here to get away from it all....have a few laughs and relax...and I thank ya'll for that opportunity.

Jeez, I didn't think I was disliked by Sara......who knew?  Maybe the rest of ya....but not me!  LOL!

Well, we stuck it out, I guess we have that in common. 

A few folks came back from MA and jumped right back into things around here.....I'm glad they're here. It seems, however, that the majority who came back, checked in, hung around for a little while, and eventually went inactive, or left again.  TBD, in its own plodding way, had moved on....there was no going back and recapturing something from an earlier time.

So, TBD is been distilled to its essensce.  Most of us have been acquainted with each other online now for sometime, and several have met in person.  I have a high regard for most of the folks I cross paths with in my little corner of TBD. The people I've met in real life have been much like their online personas.

BTW, yet another group has popped up on FB for former TBD members.  Most of the folks are somewhat familiar to me by name, but I never really hung with them.  I've joined, and so far, I'm happy to report, it hasn't turned out to be another "Whine Festival".  If it turns into another hangwringing, "oh poor me, what went wrong" thread, I'll be gone.

I like where TBD is now, and I hope we can continue.



I am at a loss as to why TBD groups keep popping up on FB. I mean TBD is here....is it not? This is much easier to navigate than FB and probably safer as well. I've lurked in those other groups on FB and all I really see is 'word games' out the wazoo....and a few real wise-ass comments ever now and again.

Poor personal hygiene and a taste for eating raw oatmeal.


Just guessing here.  I don't have much data.

Now, Danny, do you suppose eating raw oatmeal could have something to do with the poor personal hygiene? I mean, why should we bother to brush our one remaining tooth?

Like we were all disliked by Sara?


I'd ask her but she had my cell phone number blocked.




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