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It's Easter for us Christians. The day is a blessed one for those of us who believe in hope.

So, what constitutes a good day for me besides one bursting with hope? My response would be one of spontaneity, outdoor explorations, and fun filled laughter. I love the days at the beach, picnics at the park, street fairs, and carnivals.

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Yep!  I've never purchased one.....they seem a little petite for the price.

Must not be Texas kolaches.


Nope Aggie(no K), these are made for the local yupsters, and seniors.  We got a lot of both around these parts.

A good day, for me, is one that is unstructured.  I really looked forward to this kind of day when I was still working.  George and I enjoy just being at home and reading or playing on the computer, or we like to go out for a meal, shopping, etc. on the spur of the moment.

I'm always amazed that Christians think the day their leader went away, never to be seen again, is a good day.

I took some friends' kids to the park today.  They got filthy, but it was fun.  Their Mama wasn't too happy with me.  I think it was a pretty good day.

That sounds like an excellent day Faye!!

fixin the fambly fer a feud tween nuthern clan becuz i wonted to know wuz thays a'givin me a honor or a insult

Hey!!! Clod. That looks like a picture of one of our family reunions. Are we related?

It is dreary outside, but I got a call this morning from some friends that we met on a ski trip a couple of years ago.  They are in town, don't have time to get together, but it was good talking to them.  A call from good friends can really brighten a gray rainy day.

whan ma northurn friens cum duwn fer a visit n camp out in ma frunt yard

I KNOW we're not related.  No big buzums in my clan!




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