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Do you currently do volunteer work?  If you do it or had time to do it, what groups would you like to work with?

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In the past I worked with the Cub and Boy Scouts, my church, 2 civic groups, NY Cares and a not for profit administering the USDA food program for children in group and family day care. Recently I accepted a volunteer job with the Friendly Visitor program sponsored by City Meals on Wheels and I will be visiting a 88yo lady once a week to talk and maybe play a board game but in general to be social.

I have been an active volunteer most of my adult life, starting with my church, then my sons' soccer & tennis teams.  I have also volunteered at a local soup kitchen.  Now that I'm retired I am a volunteer docent at a historic hotel.  We have been part of the National Historic Landmark Trust since 1977.  It's great fun, plus I get to meet people from all over the world.

For the past five months I have volunteered at CARITAS for Children. It is a charity that provides financial assistance for the health, education and general welfare of orphaned and disadvantaged children born into a cycle of extreme poverty. They work with Catholic religious communities throughout the world, particularly schools run by nuns.

I've been assisting them with their accounting.

Sounds like a great group to be working with MQM.  I'm for any group that helps kids. 

For over 20 years I volunteered with the Division Of Wildlife on a Bald Eagle watch. We had the only nest on the front range, monitored them from Jan thru July. We now have about 10 active nest that we watch. The first nest in most years has produced 3 eaglets each year.

That's wonderful! I love to watch wild things grow!




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