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Would you permit your unmarried child and their S/O to share a bed in your home? Are their age limits you have in mind? What if they were gay?

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Damn good point. NOTHING.
Dont you know me well. Sarah got a boyfriend and just dumped me...we were best friends, I cant tell you how broken up I am. And Tom is a technicality. (WE havent had sex for 20 years!) Good. Now the entire internet knows. I feel better.

As far as gay marriage is concerned, you. above all should know that I support it with my life. That in the year 2010 in the United States of America, people are being denied their civil rights to such an extent is cause for war. Absolutely unacceptable. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL. FYI...I'm an ordained minister.
It would be my honor and a privelage to marry you. To someone else, that is...

Your kind words bring joy and laughter to my heart. For now, I've had to suspend my facebook account. I dont think its a good idea, but I think I will put it up for discussion. Joking about subjects that make us cry, can sometimes be the best way to make us laugh. Oh baby, its a hard life, isnt it? I hope the next one is kinder. Your dear and faithful friend. Jackie
D.D,you look to be a a wonderful person in thinking and in action,have a great day
Gita ,what else is marriage for?eating popcorns together??????? Of course ,marriage or no marriage ,sex is like hunger or thirst,had to be satisfied

Hi Mohammed. I always thought that marriage was for keeping people together through the rough spots of a relationship. MS
I've only read the last page of this thread, so I'm not caught up on the first 3/4 of what has been shared here. When I first read the heading a few weeks ago I didn't post to it b/c I thought, "who cares?" So, I don't know why, but now I feel compelled to put in my 2 cents worth...

Who cares? It's your house. When people stay over as guests you call the shots. Do whatever you want. It just doesn't seem like a deal to me one way or another. Say yes, say no. The important part is enjoying the visit, I think.
Finally, a sorely needed shot of pragmatism! I agree with the "you call the shots" approach: it's sheer genius.

I can't wait until my younger daughter sees the new security camera in the guest bedroom.
"...what they do after I go to bed is history..."
Yeah, and what he says at breakfast is his story.
Would you permit your unmarried child and their S/O to share a bed in your home?
No, they can bring their own bed.

Are their age limits you have in mind?
I know you are all waiting for the grammar joke here, and I'm not going to do it.

What if they were gay?
I'd ask about any straight sisters back home.
You're sick of whining? Well, I am sicxk of fear. By the time its through with you, worry has killed you 10 times over. And what a way to go. Like sinking into a cesspool.




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