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Would you permit your unmarried child and their S/O to share a bed in your home? Are their age limits you have in mind? What if they were gay?

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Depends on if it's an established long term relationship or not, otherwise no, my home is not a sexual flop house .... Besides, I'm not letting any one else have sex in my house until my wife allows me to have sex in our bedroom. Also I understand one of my sons likes doing it throughout the house and back yard. So he and his new bride are only allowed over when I'm not home ........... When my eighty three year old parents come to visit, I'm thinking about giving them separate rooms, I don't think I can handle any strange noises sounding through the walls ..........
earplugs are a really good thing.
I could never get my parents to wear earplugs. It was hard enough getting them to plug the peepholes.
" ... I don't think I can handle any strange noises sounding through the walls .......... "

Any noises audible through a wall in that situation would almost certainly be strange.
They were probably doing it before they moved out....So, on that thought, I think the 'unmarried' thought process is not going to influence me in the least, nor is the 'gay' part. I just hope I have laid a good foundation for my now 'adult' children that they would behave themselves with some modicum of discretion under my roof. After all, their father and I did....for the most part...;-D
Also, it's kind of a non-worry for me...I don't have room for overnight guests!!!
I agree with you. I prefer them in bed, than in the back seat of a car.
not in my house
Whats bad? Your teen age kids are having sex in your house.
What's worse? They're having it with each other.
Back seat of a car always was fine for me, little cramped, I'll give you that.
It worked for me once or twice too, I admit. but a bed is a wonderful thing. I prefer to know what my kids are up to. I know that sometimes a bunch of them get together and rent a cheep hotel room. There are drugs and alcohol and god knows (but I'lll bet you have an inclination) what else. This is their home, too, and while I wouldnt look forward to the whole group camping out (they have), on occassion it's tolerable. Then it';s not really sex, its more like I said, 'camping out'. Still, if my daughter needs to go to the birth control clinic, I dont want to find out about it the 'hard' way, pardon the pun.
Maybe just a little inclination, but I'll plead the 5th. :)




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