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Is there anything that you've done the same way for years?  Are you willing to try something different?

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If you have a lot of time to kill try ALL of these.

Nope, now that I'm a bona fide old person, I resist all change, unless I find a coin in the parking lot at the Wal*Mart, of course.
Maybe I'll try trimming my toenails with a knife.
Washing my clothes in the dishwasher?
Whadaya think?
Let us know how it works for you. :-)
I always wanted to try one of those.
Do they make you prove you need it? Should I limp when I go in?
I rode one of those once last fall while my knees were recovering. I ran into things and one person. I hope I don't have to ride one again.
I've never tried one of those. I'm guessing you have to prove you need it. If not I'm sure all the teenage boys would be racing them down the aisles.
Are you willing to try something different?

Okay, Ubu. What exactly did you have in mind for me?

I learned a couple of years ago to nuke artichokes in the microwave. I also learned, before that, when my sister sent me a bag of microwave popcorn in a care package, that you can make your own in the MO, and avoid all the excess salt and hydrogenated oil. I use a Pyrex bowl with flared sides and the eared cover from a casserole which is slightly smaller, which lets the steam vent. Just enough oil to cover the base, just enough popcorn to cover the oil, and 5 minutes on high.

This style bowl:

works better than this one, which has sides that are too straight:

I'm trying something new and different right now.
So far it's working, but I don't know about long term.
I tried drying my hair differetnly.
It worked out very well!
I've often tried to play guitar 'left handed', ala Tony Iommi and Jimi Hendrix. I quit trying because it just doesn't work for me. On the other hand I have found myself very comfortable batting left-handed and golfing left-handed. It just feels more natural. I still throw right-handed in addition to being right-handed in archery.
If I discover a new restaurant that I like, i try to gradually go through everything on the menu, instead of ordering the thing that I KNOW I like every time. Have found some tasty new things that way...




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