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I think it is time to have a little fun.  I know I need a little in my life.  So how about we each commit to do one fun and flirty thing this weekend?  It doesn't have to be a big thing, it can be something small like, flirt with the guy at the coffee shop.  Or make contact with an on-line lady friend just to have some fun.  If you want to go big, by all means, but lets each of us do one thing that puts a smile on our face or makes us giggle?    Any ideas anyone cares to share in advance?  

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Well.....I have a Halloween party Saturday at a really nice place in the country. It's owned by a very nice guy in my Seniors club. He promised me a hay ride.....and I plan on holding him to it. :-)
About the only thing I could flirt with around here that is alive , is a fly . He sure has been flirting with me ....

Don't have anyone to call and I can't visit . So fly it is .....

My husband's birthday today..we've been flirting all day long. Remembering younger days.

I spend an hour yesterday sitting on the porch with the rich, pretty, widow that lives two house down the street. Very enjoyable.

This is all great!  Wayne, you certainly have on-line friends you can chat with, as I recall you used to have a couple of lady friends that liked you to serenade them through some website or other.  Go for it.  And Problem, Friday is my second favorite F word too!  Karin, I sure hope you have some fun on your hay ride tonight.  Who knows, one ride may lead to another!  lol   And P.A. sounds like you should invite the pretty widow back for a cup of hot cider or other treats you may have us your sleeve.    I did something fun but not flirty yet....it is not too late, I have all day tomorrow to cook something up.  Anybody else taking up the challenge?  

One Sunny fun Sunday ahead.  Let's go out and get our Flirt on.  Have a great day.

This is all I got:

Oh boy! #FunnyFriday

it'll do, it'll do!  :)

I know what I did!

hopefully it was fun and shouldn't be discussed in front of small children or those of weak disposition....;)

by the way, nice to see you around.

Think I know , at least I can imagine ....




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