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Things you wonder about TBDers who are MIA or no longer here

List things you wonder about former or MIA TBDers. Use  I wonder...


I wonder if Pru still thinks of us.

I wonder if Tina Volk is in good health.

I wonder if Zendog got in trouble doing his protest.

I wonder why some people leave without saying good-bye.

I wonder if Katy_did is having fun.

I wonder if Jerr is ok. He doesn't email me.

I wonder if Lily Roth is still chasing fairies and elves.

I wonder if Jermann is still around (alive).

I wonder if JustBeingMe66 married that other female TBDer he met up with.

I wonder if Harley Hans Hoglin married his gf.

I wonder if Grace Linda and pc 1589 married their guys.

I wonder if Nick Danger still plays with words.



*Please NO MALICE!


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Im mostly here weather im posting or just reeding. good to see You here Maricel.

I wonder how many people are still active here at TeeBeeDee. I was just checking in and I was very startled to see my group discussion. LoL   I don't remember posting this....It was so long ago.

I wonder if TeeBeeDee can be REVIVED somewhat to involve actively at least 100 members.

"I wonder if TeeBeeDee can be REVIVED somewhat to involve actively at least 100 members" - Maricel

Wel..I think the thing to do would be to participate fairly regularly .

I usually pop in two or three times a day, and I try to post at least once a day in the Forums, the Q & A, and in a couple groups. 

Good to see you Maricel!!




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