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Feel free to add to this list.

1. Drive a straight shift.
2. Fix a toilet.
3. Change the oil.
4. Change a diaper.
5. Cook....anything.
6. Dress properly for the occasion
7. Sew.... at least a button on.
8. laundry
9. Iron a shirt
10. Change a flat tire.
11. Build a fire.
12. Do the Foxtrot and Waltz.
13. Ride a horse.
14 Shoot a gun.
15. Fish
16. Hunt.
17. Clean and dress fish and game.
18. Plant and grow a garden.
19. Defend your wife and children.
20. Act alone.
21.Give orders.
22. Take orders.
23. Read a map.

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know that your wife truly is your equal, not someone to talk down to and not something you own.
Know when to apologize sincerely when you are wrong.
Never lie. We'll always find out, if we don't already know.
put the toilet seat down.
Felicia, why didn't you post the answers? :-)
I need practice. LOL. Thanks Felice.
Felicia, unlike Ubu, I have no need to practice. I have each and every one of those answers down pat. Several times a day, (at least twice, but sometimes 6 or 8) I look my wife in the eyes, hug her, and tell her how deeply I love her. I have been doing this for over 30 years, and have no plans of stopping soon.
A couple of things I told my wife that I know she appreciated.

I know the Steelers are on this afternoon, but let's go shopping.

Tonight, let's just lie in bed and talk all night.
How to answer these questions from a wife or girlfriend:

What are you thinking about? "You, in a nighty."

Do you love me? "Most certainly I do."

Does this (blouse, skirt, dress, etc.) make me look fat? "Heavens, no! You look totally awesome!"

Did you think that girl was pretty? "WHAT girl?"

Would you get remarried if I died? "No, most likely not. No woman could replace YOU!"

Who was the best lover you ever had? "You, silly!"
# 19

Don't hide under the bed when you hear a noise.
24. Back a trailor into a reasonably tight space.
milk a cow




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