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The Secret is a (new age ) book written by Rhonda Byrne which states that (based on the law of attraction(???), whatever you want in this universe will come to you. Your supposed to ask really hard and meditate on it. Do yo'all buy into this?

Personally, no. I think the book is a fast buck and an ez shot to get on Oprah? For those of you who follow these things, wouldnt that sort of negate the law of karma?

Besides (sounding bitter, and adding some gin to that soda) it never happens to me. If it's worked for you, for godsakes, can you tell me what The Secret actually is?

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it sounds like a bunch of phony ass crap to me.

OK i am going to meditate real hard, i want a big huge raise, win the lottery and the boss to not be able to talk...ya think that will happen?
NO way!
Then where does that saying, "opposites attract" come from?




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