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This is my serious side (seriously).

I'm always curious about gender issues. I believe many issues are 'people' issues but media bombards us until some issues, rightly or wrongly, become associated with a specific gender. As I've aged I have noticed that I seem to have become more anonymous in public. Frequently I've heard that many 'older' women become invisible in our society. My 69th birthday is coming up and I've had a ponytail for 50 years, with the exception of a brief stint in the army, where it turned out ponytails were frowned upon. Anyhow, my ponytail no longer seemed to offend people, so I had it cut off. I then proceeded to go about my daily routine. Exactly 4 younger people who I know, out of over 25 people, noticed that the ponytail was gone the first time they saw me...which to me was an indication that that they never really looked at me. One of my sons 'saw' me 3 times before noticing the ponytail was gone.  

Now I'm not claiming that my little experiment has any scientific validity...or that age was positively the determining factor in my invisibility...but I kind of feel like I'm fading away. 

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I would rather stick my head in a comode than look at him . There are others i admire like Drew Carry , Al Roper . Back in 1995 I lost around 200 pounds on fenfen . I went from a size 72 to a 54 in a little over a year . 550 pounds to 350 .

The point is he did it without drugs, surgery or extreme diets. I said you didn't have to listen to what he was saying.

Hang in there!!!

My IPad won't allow me to "reply" under the post I wish to, so imagine this is immediately under the picture of the bouncing guy:

Are you nuts??? I'm not that bad! I could bruise my chin, though. ;-). (That's always been the case.)

My x had some biggons from too much massaging .Later on after we split up we were sitting in my car talking  . I kinda wanted to feel them . Damn wwwoman wanted5 dollars to let me touch them . We finally agreed to 2 dollaars and 50 cents . Well it fel like a waste . Looked like some one squeezed ta stuffing out of them .

Wasso disapointed in wasting my money .

Uno, I had a good friend who had a mustache for years and years when he shaved it off no one except me noticed for weeks, he never said a word just wanted to see how long it would take for people to notice. I noticed it as soon as he walked in the door. It wasn't age because this was about 30 years ago. He did the same thing when he grew it back, went on vacation and came back with the mustache....again people didn't notice except me.

I'm pointing it out because It is typical of me to notice things other people don't.

I don't really understand this invisibility thing. I've heard the explanations but not something I really feel because I'm of a certain age. Maybe I was never all that self conscience about being "seen" a certain way when I was younger. As a woman, I had and still have all the parts every other woman has...that is not who I am nor is it something a man should want to call to my attention...If that's all the conversation he can muster up...just move on. I'll be invisible.
There's a couple men in my little community that see me and wave every time I'm driving or walking by...but It was my one of my sister's who brought it to my attention. I just don't think I have the radar to notice I'm wearing the cloak of invisibility...not one of the super powers I developed.

Hijack, invisable again... 

Maybe wigglein ta tounge a litle more would help ?

Turn off the cloaking device.

When we were young, I said to my friend Sonya that I would miss all the attention we got because we were not hideous looking.  She responded that men would always look at us--they would just be older when we get older. It's true.

And yes, I liked getting attention from the opposite sex, never felt uncomfortable with it, but I think it's because I turned it into friendship, so the attention may have started as attraction, but I was always married to one person or another except for  several years in between marriages, so friendship it was. Another reason is that I was a late bloomer, so when I blossomed--finally, I enjoyed it.

I'm always looking ... is late boomer mean getting turned ? I was 22 when I got my first nookie  ....




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