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Hudson died in the closet a few days ago; we just found him yesterday. (He was old, etc). Now, wherever I go and what ever I do, that 'dead cat smell' follows me. How have those of you with similar circumstances dealt with this? Or am I just out there flying on my own? Mother Sanity

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Gasoline! What a clever woman you are! And it would rid us of that pesky mess the family leaves in their wake. Gasoline! Ofcourse. Why didnt I think of that? Mother Sanity
You are flying on your own.... but to reiterate - febreeze, those Glade plugins, scented candles, and by Pru ( oh I missed your comments ) gasoline under your nose to not be able to smell ANYTHING but that....

Poor kitty - at least the litter box smell is gone now too, right?

Sorry for your loss - one of my cats ( two) is 19 , blind and hypertensive - I live in fear of the same thing....
Great story...in a 'Mother Sanity' sort of way. will try the charcoal. Thanks for the tip!
Thanks Suzy. No shock here, its a real story. Sarah brought home a viscious cold last week, and I have nooooo NRG. Fortunately, the old boy had the decency to die on a plastic bag...but death is death. The closet is full of clothes....I'm afraid it will have to wait a few daze....
Thanks for sharing cheri! I love a good "dead nun" story.
Our cat aint got dead yet. Sorry, Can't help ya.
You need something like Natures Miracle liquid - when my dogs tangled with a skunk it got rid of their odor. It just doesn't mask the smell - it bonds to the chemicals and neutralizes them. There might be something akin to it for cat smell.
I agree.




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