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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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angora sweater and newborn baby's skin


tm2t you like to see in motion?

Horses and water.

TM2T I should know better about.

i like your answers Merry, couldn't pick  better ones myself.

tm2t that are your favorite TV shows.

Bones and  Parenthood


TM2T  you like about snow

going outside and shoveling it and seeing the neighbors and their kids out sleigh riding.

The beauty of it falling down.

tm2t you hate about the snow?

I hate driving in the snow before the snow shoveling begins in the mornings. I also hate the way my skin gets so dry when it snows.


TM2T's you are thankful for today.  

that God cares about me and that I have a warm place to rest my head every night.

TM2T's that you wanted for Christmas last year that you didn't get.

A Lindsay Lohan programmable robot and a planet named after me.

TM2T to bring to a garden party.

ambrosia and yer Iron Maiden audio cassete


TM2T that make you glad you went to the Prom?

1) I didn't go

2) I wasn't embarrassed or publicly humiliated


TM2T that are good about the nation of Iran.

Can't thing of anything good.


TM2 of your favorite Christmas Carols?




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