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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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warm up the milk and toast the bread, then dunk the toast in the milk...it sounds good...


TM2T's you always forget to do before you leave the house.

Turn off the coffee pot and make sure there is enough hay for the camel.

TM2T heavier than a lead balloon.

1) Anvil

2) Iron Man (he does wear heavy boots of lead when filling his victims full of dread)


TM2 good things about Global Corporate Martial Law.

I can't cause your creeping me out with the krampus, grumpass , what is it again?

TM2T you would rather not be aware of.

TM2T you would rather not be aware of.

Whether people are making fun of my Victorian pastry trays and the health risks associated with eating 2.8 pounds of Gummi worms in the course of a 2 hour movie.

TM2T you learned from the sexual revolution.

1) I was born too late to have experienced it....

2) Finding my virginity is impossible.....


TM2T you know about The Krampus.

oh, is that what he is called, i thought he was Chubakabra.....

Hmmmm, he has a nice color scheme going on there and is that a bag of goodies he is delivering ? YAY!!


TM2T make you just leap out of bed in the morning!


I cherish my family and enjoy giving to the less fortunate.


TM2T's always on your mind.

Ranting and raving

tm2t you have to put on on a list?

groceries and things to do that day


tm2 of your favorite aromas?

Baking bread and tangerine peels

TM2T that time forgot.

dinosaurs and cave man.

tm2t  that are really soft.




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