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There is a new group "TBD Stalwarts" listed in the "Groups Area of the main page. I would just like to make sure that everyone who participates  in the "Forum" is aware of this group.



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I really don't see the problem. WE HAVE ALWAYS HAD THE POWER TO STAY HERE OR GO ELSEWHERE. You can stay here gratis, cause of the stalwarts, you can go to atlantis, you can be a member of both, you can scrap the whole thing and be a facething. What's the problem. Why is there even a discussion? Again, we have always had the power to stay or go. I for one, plan on staying here, I don't want to, or expect to, influence anyone else. I have joined the Stalwarts Group, and have no expectations for anyone to follow me there. Again, my choice. We are all adults, and as such, should be able to make our own choices. If you are more comfortable at atlantis, what's that problem? Go there. If you want to be a member here and there, COOL. Jeeze guys, come on, it's not rocket science. Decide what makes you happy, and comfortasble, and go for it.
Exactly TeeBub. Stands and applauds.

Here we go again. Drama and then more drama! Ahhhh, what a delightful and peaceful way to end the night. :)
Is it safe to come in?

I for one am sick to death of drama. Let's work on making this a better place to be.

I am here to have fun. And maybe, in the process, learn something.

May I borrow your sand pail, Jaylee? You can use my shovel.
Went to "TBD Stalwarts", the highlighted words "members must be approved" slapped me in the face. I don't feel I'm exclusive enough to remain at TBD. I felt genuinely welcomed at myatlantis.
Larry, Like I said above, ya gotta do what makes you comfortable. I just hope you keep coming back here, cause no one says "Bite Me" quite like you do!!!
TBub, Larry does have a way with words....Doesn't he??? lol
And that's not the only thing KCat. Without Larry, we won't have any velcro shoe wearing belly dancers left.
Do you want me to change the approval setting on Stalwarts? I naively set it up that way thinking that it would enable members of the group to remain anonymous if they wanted -- I didn't want there to be pressure to support TBD financially, as many can't.
That does sound ideal Pru. I hope it will work that way.




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