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Five students were sent home for wearing American flaf T-shirts and bandanas on Cinco de Mayo.  This appears to have happened in the San Franciso area.  I make no comment one way or the other on this issue.  I'm just presenting the article.  Here is the link:



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Oops. TBD screwed up again. This happens every time I try to post the link in the original post. :(

Remember Abbie Hoffman being arrested and held in jail for wearing a flag on his pants? My how times have changed.
I my humble opinion wearing the flag on any clothing is not proper. Ever notice so called "real Americans" driving around with a tattered flag whipping in the wind on one of those things made for flying the flag of the Tennessee Titans on your car. Now that is disrespect.
Just goes to show you how LIBERALISM is being used to destroy our country from within. If you stand for the principals on which this country was founded you're automatically deemed a bigot, fascist, intolerant, a racist and a right-wing nut. What is wrong with an expression of patriotism?!!!? I suppose that had those children been on the front lawn of the school campus burning the flag, they would have been regarded as heroes?!!!?

Here in The South, children have been sent home from school for daring to wear the Confederate Battle Flag, whether it be a t-shirt or a cloth patch. When those children have been assaulted by "the easily offended", they were treated like criminals and the aggressors treated like victims.
Yet it's perfectly acceptable for thugs and gangstas to wear their chains, bling and assorted clothing that espouse an
allegiance to so-called artists whose "music" and videos propagate misogyny and violence because "it's a part of their culture" and to speak out against them would be viewed as intolerant and/or racist.

Not to mention that when the Latino community fly the Mexican flag outside of their businesses over and above the American flag, it is again brushed off and deemed an acceptable expression of their culture. What have they done to deserve such an "exalted" status?

Interesting double standard, to say the least.
You've been quite the ray of sunshine lately LJ. Maybe you'd be happy in another country.
It never ends, does it?
This country is just one big battleground.
I suspect that you will eventually be proven correct about this case, Bill, by our court system, at whatever level it's taken to rectify the idioticaly PC action of the school administration. It's a sad commentary that we have such ignorant people at this level in our school systems.
From the way I read the article, it appears that the five kids regularly wore the American flag shirts, and probably the bandana, too, unless I completely misread the article.
There are enough countries in the world so that it's probably safe to say that not a week goes by without some major non-American national holiday. But these kids wore their American flags one day out of the year, on a holiday celebrated by Mexicans, in neighborhood with a high percentage of Mexicans. If this wasn't an blatant attempt to provoke a reaction, then it's pretty much the most oblivious action imaginable. Might as well walk through Harlem wearing a KKK hood.

The only thing stupider is the reaction of the Latino community, who apparently could not resist the temptation to rise to this ridiculous bait.

DannyO nailed it. These high school kids meant to provoke a reaction, a reaction other than a spirited debate or heated dialogue.
I rather think that these five were trying to test or confirm a reaction that they already expected. They were proven entirely correct by the obsequious toadys in charge. Those same who would rather limit five student’s freedom to express love for their country than to expect that the majority of their charges would honor and respect the individual rights that they themselves became heirs to by living in a constitutional Republic.

It’s a sad commentary on the state of the educational system in the nation today.
Thanks to the Roberts court ruling in Morse V Fredrick there basically is no freedom of expression in school. The case was lead by that great leader of freedom Kenneth Starr.
I agree, there should be no freedom of expression for children. Shortly after my grandson got his drivers license he complained to me that his parents restricted him too much. He said he thought this was a free country. lol. I gave him my opinion that kids don't have any freedoms under our constitution until they're 18 AND out of high school.




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