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Just wondering what you all think of the supreme court ruling that strip searches and cavity searches are ok for anyone arrested, even if its for an old unpaid traffic ticket. The case being cited is from a man who was mistakenly arrested for an old traffic warrant (that turned out to be not his) but was  held for a week and strip seached twice during that time before the mistake was discovered.

Do you think this reasonable or not?

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Joella, he did sue and lost at the supreme court level. That's how it became the law of the land.

He was picked up for an old traffic warrant. Held for seven days. Moved between two different jails and strip search/cavity searched each time. In the end, they found they it was all an error. 'Ooops! We goofed', Is about all he got for his indignities. And the supreme court backed it up.

I was kidding about the lying part. I have been on the picked list a few times. But all except once the case was decided out of court. the one time I had to go sit on the jury, I was flying to CA on business that afternoon. I was asured by the judge that we would be through in time to make my flight. I ended up Forman of the Jury. I won't bore you woith the details. Just say that the State's case was so weak that I still can't believe that they spent the money to bring it to trial. We gave a "Not Guilty" and that was it. I made my plane. I'm now old enough that in Texas all I have to do is let them know that I am of a certian age and I am excused. I've done that once. I have no problem serving, except that I am rarely in the area where my offical address is. Actually I could use the stimulation, but I'm not going to spend the money to drive there.


"When you go into court, you are putting your fate in the hands of twelve people who weren't smart  enough to get out of jury duty."

~Norm Crosby

This is another reason why it is so important that President Obama be reelected. During the next 4 years there will be at least 2 and maybe as many a 4 openings on the Court. If a republican is elected those appointments will go to  conservatives and we may lose all our rights. Just look at what they have done with a 5 to 4 majority on the Court.

1. Bush v. Gore, a completely political decision because chosing electors is a state matter

2. Citizens United, Corporations are people?

3. Strip searches for everyone, completely violates due process and the 4th amendment.

There are many more but you get the point.

Those of us who live here in obvious-ville do get the point.

It seems so depressingly predictable that the conservatives, who make such a big stink about being so strongly opposed to intrusive  government exceeding it's authority, were the people who approved of this appalling invasion of privacy and over-reach of power.

The current crop of Far-Right Republicans are the most blatantly hypocritical, flat-out creepiest bunch of greedy, sanctimonious, peeping-tom perverts I've ever seen in my entire life, and I've seen a couple of Jackie Susann movies. That almost a quarter of the US population thinks they're just swell is about  enough to drive a sane and sober man to consider some unwise courses of action.

Very well said, Sir and I completely concur.

You watch. This ruling will be VERY selectively applied - 99%ers, Occupy Now protesters, women, minorities and other liberal groups will be strip-searched willy-nilly, while Tea Baggers and other conservatives waving "OBAMA IS HITLER" signs and loaded weapons in public will be ignored. In fact, what do you want to bet that the Tea Baggers will blame this ruling ON Obama, and NOT on the Supreme Court ?

In the mid-70's, Hunter S. Thompson quoted Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell saying, "This country is about to swing so far to the right that you won't recognize it." When Reagan came along in 1980, I thought that was what Mitchell had been talking about, but Ronnie was just the beginning.

Oh yeah....very selctively applied as are all laws initiated by the right.

Question; Have any of you ever been subjected to a strip search?

Only by my wife.

Yes. when I was 16 I moved from the farm to Hollywood california. Within a week I was picked up and held in "Old County" an infamous jail. I was there for nearly 2 weeks before the judge screamed at the officers for arresting a juvinile (for vagrancy) and putting him in an adult jail with killers and gansters,  and dismissed the case. In the interim I was strip searched. You can't imagine the indignity and fear involved in such a procedure for a kid  who had never even been to a big city before. 




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