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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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kbeen there has a pole in her house and does private pole dances with exotic animals for
Klondike bars.
bonnie likes to wear bonnets with bees in them.
BethD just got a new motorcycle to go with the tattoo she got lasted week.
Bonnie wears Jimmy Choo to keep Stillgoing's foot fetish active. They just ran off to Hawaii together...They were photographed on the beach in nothing but shoes...
MellyMel will share her hyperbaric chamber with most anyone....

Bonnie, is stalking BethD, probably with reason.
Stillgoing studied ballet for years,his tutu still hangs in his closet.
LillyRoth makes Stillgoing put on that tutu as she continues to blackmail him for the time she caught him in it doing the Sugar Plum Fairy Solo from the Nutcracker....
For extra income KBeenThere works as a part time lifeguard at nude beaches.The only thing she wears is her whistle and a smile!
OOoo but the sunburn....LilyRoth knows all about nude beaches..She featuring at the Jones Beach nude section doing the Time Warp dance too...
Bonnie still plays skip-rope and hopscotch.
Bonnie has a full sized statue of the Tiddy Bowl man in her house.
LilyRoth collects lawn dwarf statuettes.




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