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How many songs about horses can we find? Or songs in which horses figure? Heck...songs written by someone named Horse or Clydesdale or Shetland...hahaha.

I wonder! 

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I remember this as a young girl when yodeling cowboys including Gene Autry and Roy Rogers were all the rage. Loved the montage...Annie Oakley, Dale Evans and the vintage posters. Cringed though at the ladies riding w/o helmets...they do make them for western riders. Nicely done though.

This doesn't quite fit the category, but it was so lovely and peaceful that I wanted to include it. I love the way the horse closest to Carlos is saying, "Daddy, I mesmerized!" :>)

Equine music appreciation group ? Or is that grey just wanting to be up close and personal with the guitarist?

How about Wildfire? 

When I'm riding a new horse or in the indoor arena alone, I tend to sing Happy Trails to You, that old theme for Roy Rogers. Sometimes I sing Old Cowhand from the Rio Grande. It sort of relaxes me and lessens nerves. 

Let's see...hmm....ingredients of beer are grains, malt and hops plus water. Horses should like that!


I remember seeing the movie as a teenager that this was written for, but after years of reading the history of the battle I can only say that Comanche can't be held responsible for the grandiosity and ego of his owner. He obeyed and trusted and for that he almost died. As a reward he was retired.

So right! :>)  I've always HATED that horses were ridden in battle through the ages.

Although Capt. Keough was reported to be a bit of an ass with people, he was, at least, reputed to love his horses. When Comanche received his first wound while fighting Comanche Indians on the Cimarron River, it was Keough who cradled his head while the arrow was being removed from his right hind quarter. Keough spent a lot of money on special feed blends, gave a lot of personal attention to his horses, took great pride in the condition of his horses, and routinely wrote about and sent pictures home of Comanche and his other mounts.

So let's hope that, as the unfortunate life of a war horse went, Comanche's wasn't too bad. 




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