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If a scandal isn't reported by the media, does that mean it never happened?

For the millions of Americans who don't watch Fox News or listen to talk radio, the answer is a resounding yes.

Last Friday, November 20, evidence came to light that "appears to show a conspiracy to falsify data and suppress academic debate in order to exaggerate the possible threat of man-made global warming." Translation: The global warming movement rests almost entirely on the IPCC's claim to represent the "consensus" of climate science. That entire movement now stands discredited.

In the face of this absolutely shameful and possibly criminal revelation of chicanery, deceit and manipulation of data, the mainstream media has stuck to their decades long policy of ignoring any evidence or opinion that challenges their firm belief that the world is undergoing a climate crisis. A crisis that can only be rectified if all global citizens drastically change their behavior.

Despite these revelations, the AP's science writer continued reporting on the worsening climate non-crisis, "Since the 1997 international accord to fight global warming, climate change has worsened and accelerated — beyond some of the grimmest of warnings made back then." Scary stuff, if it were true.

CNN chimed in, reporting their own shocking headlines: Sea Level Rise Could Cost Port Cities $28 Trillion. Remember, this 'news' story was published after evidence had come to light that credibly challenged the very facts CNN was reporting. Yawn.

Six days after this scandal came to light, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and NBC had yet to make their viewers aware of what is being called "the greatest [scandal] in modern history." A scandal that could derail the whole concept of man-made global warming. And, coincidently, the $129 billion carbon market that rests on this shaky and manipulated data.

Also ignoring this scandal is our very own president, who announced last Wednesday that he will attend the long-anticipated, high-stakes global climate summit in Copenhagen. Obama's climate czar, Carol Browner, announced on the very same day that global warming science is "settled.' No need to even address those pesky e-mails that purport to show differently.

"I'm sticking with the 2,500 scientists. These people have been studying this issue for a very long time and agree this problem is real," said Ms. Browner. The 2,500 hundred scientists, by the way, are comprised mainly of United Nations bureaucrats who have a vested interest in the massive wealth re-distribution that they suggest as a solution to this non-crisis.

On Thursday, more evidence of climate chicanery came to light - but was again ignored by the media. Gerd Leipold, the outgoing leader of Greenpeace, admitted that his organization's recent claim that the Arctic Ice will disappear by 2030 was "a mistake." Oops.

Also on Thursday, information surfaced that indicates Australia, also, appears to have been tinkering with raw data in order to make "global warming' appear scarier that it really is.

Again, no mention was made in the U.S. media. Oh, CNN did finally acknowledged the issue yesterday by reporting that there was "very little context" in the e-mail evidence. CNN declined to publish any of the damning e-mails and they failed to identify any of those 'leading scientists' whose work has been shown to be a possible fraud.

These 'leading scientists' then continued with business as usual, issuing another dire proclamation, "Tackling climate change will help prevent millions of deaths among people who are alive now and save the world for future generations."

These same scientists then responded to the damning evidence to the contrary in the usual way. By attacking and discrediting the motives of the messenger. "We're facing an effort by special interests who are trying to confuse the public," said Richard Somerville, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and a lead author of the UN IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.

As of this writing, Fox News is the only national outlet reporting on this scandal. Website WattsUpWithThat and Canada Free Press appear to be the only media investigating the hacked e-mails that seem to show a decades long conspiracy to fudge climate data and squelch any and all opposing data and scientists.

The 'garbage-in, garbage-out' climate models the IPCC use as a basis to portend the end of life on earth now appear to be false. Global 'leaders' conveniently ignore the burgeoning scandal and continue to insist that unless a massive re-distribution of global wealth is immediately enacted, global warming will threaten every man woman and child on earth.

Americans can disagree on the extent of climate change and even question man's role in it. The issue at hand however, is the fact that the media, whose job is to report facts, has declined to do so. The media, with Fox News as the only exception, have bought onto Dan Rather's "fake but accurate" view of the so-called 'global-warming' crisis.

Father Earth, Algore sums it up best: “This is not a political issue, or a scientific issue or a psychological issue – it’s a moral issue. If anything it’s actually a spiritual issue.” There you have it. If you don't agree with the unscientific 'consensus' than you're a really stupid, bad and immoral person. The left has spoken and the media agrees. Case closed.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina

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Good info - Thanks
Very interesting to say the least. Were a free market economy truly self regulating, would all these multinational corporations need their lobbyists to get the government(s) off their backs? Why are the multinationals so keen on stamping out safeguards set up to protect the consumer and the workplace?

Do they really envision a return to corporate slavery (i.e. dangerous workplaces,forced child labor, long hours with mediocre pay and no benefits, etc.)? Are we on the fast track to Global Corporate Martial Law? If not then why do these multinationals have such vested interests in the legislative and judicial processes of the developed, underdeveloped, and third world nation's respective governments? Do we really want to live in a world run by the likes of the Rockefellers,the Bilderbergs and other global corporate elitists such as The Trilateral Commission and/or The Council on Foreign Relations?
If the ice caps and glaciers are meltining what difference does it make why? Sea levels will rise and our way of life will have to change. I don't think even the most stanch conservative can deny that these two things are melting. Just take a look at pictures of Glacier National Park or other mountain ranges all over the world. We may or may not have caused this but we are going to have to live with it or die with it one.
Well Merry Christmas anyway.
Raising our taxes will fix everything and it's just getting colder in Oregon.
I was outside and it's 30 degrees and some dumb kid was riding his bicycle with his shorts on.
With this little dose of reality, he won't go far with no parents with no brains.
Do you have background in the study of climatology? Or specifically Paleoclimatology? From your writing, I can only conclude that your basic thesis seems certain kind of emails were spreaded, so the whole global warming is a hoax. You look like somebodys' grandma, you have lived your life, then who cares what happens in 30, 40 or 50 + from now, let them deal with it. You mentioned somwhere, it is all about wealth distributions. Can you ellaborate how wealth distributions and caring for the environment related. Nancy, it is probabily a waste of time to give some form of advices, but I will try anyway, please read and listen some other information outlets other than Fox and Talk radios. They have no training or experties any of the (issues) arguments you are making. Do you think a geologist, can give an informed and respected advices about neuroscience better than the neurologist. In any arguments, it is wise to quote an expert or experts to get any credibilties and being taken seriously.
You also said that people here are not for discussing the issue , instead they call names. Listen, how can one takes you seriously, if your sources are the predictable ones, who are there for entertainments. Thay have been saying them selves when they got caught saying outrageous and controversial claims time and time again. Or are you one of those who don't believe in sciences?
I listen talk-radios and sometimes Fox, but most of the hosts are preprogrammed robots that I can't follow their arguments. Because it lacks logics. But sadly they have so many herds who take their words like a gospel.
When you are ready to discuss issues logically, then I am ready to listen and being persuaded by you. But if you are citing what you have sited above it would be difficult to discuss anything.
I am only dogmatic when it comes to the Holly Book (Jesus christ teachings, not the distorted one that has been taught by hypocrats who are there to make cases for rightwing nuts).
MAN: Earth's Greatest Pestilence

Lie, lie, lie x6

The full moon is rising over dark waters
and the fools below are picking up sticks
and the man in the gallows lies permanently
waiting for the doctors to come back and tend to him,

The Flat Earth Society is meeting here today,
singing happy little lies
and the bright ship Humana is sailing far away
with grave determination....
and no destination,

Lie, lie, lie X6

Yeah, nothing feels better than the spray of clean water
and the whistling wind on a calm summer night,
but you'd better believe that down in their quarters
the men are holding on for their dear lives,

the Flat Earth Society is somewhere far away,
with their candlesticks and compasses
and the bright ship Humana is well on its way
with grave determination.....
and no destination

The Flat Earth Society is meeting here today,
singing happy little lies
and the bright ship Humana is sailing far away
with grave determination....
and no destination

"MODERN MAN" By Bad Religion

I've got nothing to say,
I've got nothing to do,
all of my neurons are functioning smoothly
yet still I'm a cyborg just like you,
I'm one big myoma that thinks,
the planet supports only me,
I've got this one problem:
will I live forever?
I've got just a short time to see,
modern man, evolutionary betrayer,
modern man, ecosystem destroyer,
modern man, destroy yourself in shame,
modern man, pathetic example of
earth's organic heritage

when I look back and think,
when I ponder and ask "why?",
I see my ancestors spend with careless abandon,
assuming eternal supply, modern man....

just a sample of carbon-based wastage,
just a fucking tragic epic of you and I

The world is not my home. I'm just passing through.
Its too cold out for an argument.
I just wonder if Kevin Trudeau is kicking himself over and over for not having capitalized on this warming thing. What a marketing windfall. Some bank accounts are certainly going green over this one. Its a charlatian's dream.
I predict an infomercial from Trudeau. He can still earn on these coat tails. Just once again and forever, not from me.
The human being is the most gullible being on the planet.
I am more worried about global stupidity. There never ever seems to be a shortage of stupid.




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