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Seems only natural, no? Has anyone else wondered about the Sample Title thing?

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Wow. Like...wow.
Be thankful you have a "c" and stop complaining.
I can't stand it. I have to reply to myself. I know Felixia will get it, but I can't assume everyone who reads this will know I'm not being an asshole.
I am? Oh. Well, as penance I'm gong to type like this on my compter.
Praise Be!!! (and praise c)
You really need to go over to the thankful thread and express thanks for the c. Yeah, I was wondering what the heck it is with your computer, too. No I was NOT suspecting you of having a virus, just your computer.
OMG! LOL,. I was stalking my friend trying to find a group in which to chat with her and ran across this rather bizarre line of nonsense. This was the funniest, non-conversation I think I've read in forever! Felicia, I hope you get your 'c' back, Darlin! Hugs, CJ
I was wondering about that, too, Brian... it sort of makes the Forum seem like a trip to Costco on a Saturday, with folks offering samples around every corner.

And Felicia, maybe you've just worn out another keyboard? I imagine it's exhausted and just can't keep up with you...




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