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(I dont know what it is about me today. Maybe its the weather. The weather here is horrible, raw and rainy, windy, wet...cold.)

Remember the CNN decapitation videos? Did you watch them? I did. I felt that these people had something to say, and I wanted to hear what it was. I didnt know at the time if I was right or wrong, I thought only time would tell. There was one in particular, with three British Nationals, held in a monkey cage. It changed my life. I felt as though the (terrorists) had used these poor victims to rape me; they had nothing to say afterall; it was an act of violence, not just against the men, but against me, too.

It was Tony Blairs hardest hour. Would he capitulate to the terrorists, or would he follow Bushes lead and allow them to murder these men? In a supreme act of stregnth, he allowed the murder.

Did you watch the videos? Why or why not? Has your opinion changed as a result. (The beheadings DID stop presumably as a result of the international communities lack of response...)

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Well, that sure seemed to pan out...thanks for the input.




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