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I have roamed all the way back to page 6 of the discussions. All Right!!! I admit that I kept getting distracted by all the goings on, both witty and serious, while I was gone. It took me a while to catch up. But I couldn't find my favorite discussion. "Random Thoughts". Finely on a random chance, I looked in the Games Dept. There it is. I don't understand. Who thought "Random Thoughts" should be in the games group? It's not fair. When I play games I have to concentrate. How can my ADD brain concentrate on a game, knowing that Random Thoughts is within a key stroke. I think all us random thinkers should rebel. If we can stay on subject long enough. Actually, I guess organized random thinking is an oxymoron.


Where do you think Random Thoughts should be?

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Stay away from large bodies of water. Looks like they're trying to bring movies from the 50s back except the special effects aren't quite as good as the 50s.

You're right Pru, I smell Acadamy Award for best picture 2010.
I saw that one already and it was a classic all right. Those fish ate damn near everything.
I don't know, I didn't study for this test.
I can remember when I was a cute techie. However, it was always some ugly, nasty, old Sgt. that I was sent to help.
That's OK Robbie, Just as long as the nasty ol' Sgt. thought you were cute.
Why can I not let my yard to back to its natural state? In fifty years or so it would be a nice forest that everybody would enjoy. If I try that the city will come and mow it and then send me a bill.
Damn it - I spent all that time learning how to put a lawnmower together. And now you're telling me I'm dumb.
you are right it is a dumb system but I don't know how to get out of it. I AM TRAPPED BY THE SYSTEM
Good idea there, Olivia. If I let the grass grow high enough I won't have to keep painting the house infrared. Damn nosy neighbors.
I live in an RV with a big Black Hairy dog. I don't mow any stinkin grass. when I'm in a RV park someone else mows the grass. when I'm on the farm, I let someone mow and bale the grass. They call it hay, and that qualifies my land use for tax purposes as agricultural.
You always know just the right thing to say.
Hope you feel better soon Olivia.




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