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I have roamed all the way back to page 6 of the discussions. All Right!!! I admit that I kept getting distracted by all the goings on, both witty and serious, while I was gone. It took me a while to catch up. But I couldn't find my favorite discussion. "Random Thoughts". Finely on a random chance, I looked in the Games Dept. There it is. I don't understand. Who thought "Random Thoughts" should be in the games group? It's not fair. When I play games I have to concentrate. How can my ADD brain concentrate on a game, knowing that Random Thoughts is within a key stroke. I think all us random thinkers should rebel. If we can stay on subject long enough. Actually, I guess organized random thinking is an oxymoron.


Where do you think Random Thoughts should be?

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Robbie! You stayed up as late as I did! I got up an hour after you wrote that; I had to throw a check into the bank and run errands this ayem.

Everybody cheer, the dollar is getting stronger, so when I changed some money this week I got 25 cents on the dollah more than I did a few months ago! Now just another quarter to go.
Random Thought Of The Day #1: Key Lime Pie for breakfast is GREAT!
What are your thoughts on confused lunacy and dazed sex?
Hi, everyone. I'm dazed and confused, but I have no thoughts about sex for the day. Of course it's still early.
Its to early for sex in France? Another bubble burster.
No, I'm sure it's just me.
I remember those. I think Scooter still has that really big pair of yours.
I'm pretty sure I saw those for sale on ebay.
Good morning, OH.

You are good for their souls. Their reason for being.
I thought it was me who provided their reason for being. Oh well, another bubble burst.
I think my lawn chair is starting to take on water.

'Night, Robbie.




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